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Einsoph®  which means the infinite in ancient tradition, combines the name of Einstein (representing revolutionary science and the power that is knowledge) with the Greek root for wisdom (soph) in the use of that science, because power without wisdom is deadly. 

Einsoph’s vision: 

Deploy a transaction system that aims to restructure the wealth of the world and reshape the incumbent system of the world. We have completed the design of an eco-system that has decoupled itself from all fiat systems and even from the blockchain itself!  Although we record completed transactions on the blockchain in an untraceable way, Einsoph is a new ecosystem layer that is totally above and beyond the blockchain and that easily integrates transactional values for anything between any values not just cryptos or tokens or coins.

We have three revolutionary designs at various stages of completion, and are looking for those who think they can change the world:

1. Einsoph® has completed the design of a revolutionary software platform eco-system that has the potential to fundamentally change the world. 
The design solved the privacy “holy grail” as Vitalik Buterin calls it with a completely decentralized autonomous private system that still allows governments to screen out “terrorists” but allows people total privacy once screened.  It eliminates all corruption.  We have the answer that Zukerberg could not answer to Congress in a full day of Congressional hearings how he would screen out criminals.  Our system not only screens them out, but screens out all corruption while simultaneously maintaining complete 100% privacy—not just pseudo-anonymous as Bitcoin does.

Einsoph solved the consensus algorithm problem that thousands of computer scientists from the U.S., China, Russia, Israel, and around the world have been trying to solve.

This design completely solved 23 problems of all existing blockchain systems.  For starters, we fired the Bitcoin miners, and do not use any of the existing consensus algorithms. 

All cryptos, tokens, and coins are fundamentally fiat, so we decoupled our system from all fiat systems and even from the blockchain itself, although we record completed transactions on the blockchain. 

Few people realize, that we may be witnessing the last dying convulsions of the entire Keynesian economic order and all fiat currencies associated with the system of the world.  Einsoph solved the fiat tie that all cryptocurrencies have, verified by observing that every single token and crypto crashed in parallel to recent stock-market crashes, thus proving that they are all fundamentally fiat.  We solved that and thus provide what was best described by Patrick Byrnes as “a warm standby for civilization itself.”

We also solved the stability problem of booms and busts that have become an inherent characteristic of all fiat systems, that are speculative systems. 

There is no other system in the world even close to Einsoph in what it accomplishes by fundamentally re-envisioning a non-fiat decentralized system, that solves the conundrum by not having to choose between privacy and freedom, but provides both.   

2. Einsoph has the preliminary design idea of a decentralized laptop computer that will be completely secure from all prying eyes, impossible for any government backdoors, and will be the only computer in the entire world that is secure to create innovation on.  All of Apple’s computers that hackers walk through on a daily basis will be worthless detritus. 

3.  Einsoph has researched for years the secrets of water that is the last frontier of science, so obvious that it is the source of all life that nobody thought to research it deeply.  We have!  Einsoph found a solution to keep water “alive” in a bottle at the same “liveness” energy level it has when coming from our 133 liters per second glacier water rights, plus our 133 liters per second of rainforest-melt water rights for a total of 266 liters per second.  We have just completed the construction of a very expensive pier where tankers can pull up in our deep fjord and “filler up.”  See our marina page.

All bottled water is currently “dead” or more accurately “asleep” when bottled and not drunk directly from a mountain steam or glacier.  We are one of the world’s largest glacier water rights owners, and we have also found a way to keep that alive water in a bottle—something that nobody in the world has been able to do!  Nor do they even know it is possible to do.   This keeps the water in the same alive state that is the secret source of “blue zones” where people live to be 120 years old.  We can’t talk much about this technology until we have patents well on the way.  Here is an 18,000 foot view from one of our scientists on our team:

Water is an amazing solution with its simple molecular formula of two
hydrogen per one oxygen one would think it simple, however with a
multiplicity of patterns in which the water can organize it is anything
but simple and its specific gravity will change with its patterning.
It can also become either an acid or alkaline form depending on the ion

Water derives its patterning from its environment, including other
molecules that may have become part of the solution. Each point on the
earth has its own information field that water emulates with its

Even the purest form of distilled water has multitudes of patterns and
water has a memory and tends to self organize according to whatever
pattern it has derived from its environment.
Some water has legendary healing status accorded to it. If one procures
water from certain parts of the earth that imbue information in a way in
which the water patterns towards a very strong healing life force it is
of utmost importance to preserve its energy in order to preserve the
pattern as long as possible.

Just as a car battery can run down from sitting and not being used, so
can the energy in water go to sleep. We intend to prevent the water
from dropping to a lower energy state with a special label technology
developed over years of experimenting with charged water and charging of

Einsoph is one of the world's largest glacier-water-rights holders.  We just completed the construction of a very expensive pier that allows us to dock large tankers who pull up in the deep fjord to “filler up” with the purest water on the planet.  Einsoph has tied that water as a datum and store-of-value to a revolutionary blockchain design that we have completed that creates counter-referencing values between any two values on the planet, and we do this and other scientific thinking from our spectacularly beautiful island with waterfalls surrounding us. We have already reached major milestones that will insure highly unusual returns:

  • The completed design of a revolutionary blockchain platform that combines open-source software elements and proprietary elements into a global system connected to blockchains-on-a-card that grandma can use. Read more about our blockchain system here.
  • Concessions and private land on an island the size of a nation state that can be seen here: Private Island.
  • Practically unlimited glacial and rainforest melt water rights of 266 liters per second on the border of two national parks directly above our ocean fjord port. There are only two other places in the world where there are deep fjords next to glaciers (Norway and Alaska). But we have the purest, accessible, water on the planet, easy to pump directly into tankers.
  • The exclusive right to park large ships in the fjord in our Navy Concession, fill them with water, and ship anywhere in the world when the window for obtaining such glacier water rights worldwide  has already closed.
  • Window closed on glacier water rights. The entire world has closed  the window on future glacier water rights including Chile due to NGOs like AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship).  It is now impossible to start what was a 6-10 year process in Chile to obtain water, because the window has already closed.
  • A Navy Concession for a pier and marina which are extremely rare according to the Navy Captain who approves them. He told us that in our area they take 10 to 20 years to obtain, and ours was "the fastest approval" he has ever seen. It took us 9 years of all-out effort! There are only three Navy Concessions in the capital city of Brazil, Florianopolis, and they are making billions of dollars off of each of them. The Navy Concession allows us to receive large ships that can be filled up while they sit in our Navy Concession pier directly from our water source, like pulling a car up to a gas station—pulling a tanker up to our private water source bordering national park and saying “filler-up.” In addition, we have an environmental impact statement and zoning change that would allow us to build a bottling plant onsite and export water all over the world from our pier, while shipping in equipment tax free!
  • A tax-free pier in a tax-free zone! Our pier is in the center of a small, remote, tax-free zone, which is very rare in the entire world. Tax-free zones are one-of-kind.
  • The monetization of water into a tradable unit as a store of value.
  • A 4,000 foot runway capable of a corporate jet (e.g. Cessna Citation) that through one-year of all out lobbying of the government  leaders, the Chilean government paved for us. See picture of the Airstrip here.
  • Abundant Free Energy that we can create not only from our existing hydro-electric permit of 490 liters per second that can power the entire project and the dump load can be sold to a cable that will soon run up the fjord.

Einsoph is a corporation of a visionary for a visionary investor.