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Einsoph™ Blockchain

Einsoph™ is an open-source global collaboration to advance our completed blockchain design and technologies. We have completed the design of a revolutionary computer software platform for implementing, recording and settling financial (commodities, cars, houses, diamonds, gold, and other assets) and business transactions globally trading between any assets on mobile devices or computers.

Einsoph™ has solved the following problem of existing blockchain systems: 1) Thousands of innovators and teams around the world have been attempting to solve the consensus algorithm problem that we have solved with a novel Byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm called Einsoph™ 2) the private/public problem that Vitalik Buterin calls the “holy grail”, 3) the solution that Facebook’s Zuckerberg needed (unable to answer this question during in his full day of Congressional hearing or in his Libra corporate white papers). His design also fails to screen out bad actors, 4) the stability problem of booms and busts and speculation, and nineteen other problems nobody else has been able to solve.

Einsoph's™ completed design includes the following:

An open-source computer software platform for a decentralized global computer that connects to mobile devices including smart phones with interfaces for developing, building, and operating distributed applications with distributed transaction processing systems.

A proprietary closed-source private trading ledger computer software for trading in private while communicating information over computer networks and running web and mobile applications.

Software for our own proprietary mobile devices that are a personal blockchain on a laser card that provide for authentication of parties to a financial and business transaction, for maintaining ledgers for transactions, for providing access control to accounts and assets involved in financial and business transactions, for cryptographically securing electronic transmissions across computer networks, and for authentication and identify information security.

Buying Our Software

The software for an open-source platform attached to highly proprietary software. It is not software that is sold or downloadable like Microsoft Windows of like something from the manufacturing era of a century ago. Open Source projects, especially those with a proprietary private part are purchased through a long due-diligence process of trust and involvement to find the right customers. Please write via our Contact page if you are interested.

Join Einsoph™

Einsoph™ has a team of blockchain geniuses who have joined us and have completed the design that Facebook's Zuckerberg would love to have, but does not have (according to his Libra corporate white papers). Join the blockchain industry's cutting edge leaders in helping build and shape the ecosystem of the future based on our revolutionary design to transform the world of money, ecomomics, and the way business transactions aer conducted. The open-source part of our platform will be constantly evolving as all open source is never at a finished point. If you are interested in joining our team, please write via our Contact page for details on technical calls, white papers, technical PowerPoint decks, Github, and more. We are looking for additional Ocaml programmers to join our team by writing us here.

Corporate Sponsorship

Your company can join Einsoph™ at the following membership levels: Equal Partner $12 million, Premier Member: $250,000, or General Member $50,000. Interested in becoming a corporate member? Simply fill out our Contact page with all your details, and you will be contacted shortly.