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We have completed the design of a revolutionary dream—an out-of-the-box Blockchain 4.0 that will completely change the world as it is today. We have a dream in which each person, no matter what age, or place, will be a part of this global system. We have a dream, to give real values to a real world and a real honest people.

For this dream to happen, we need builders; we need partners, and founders—the support of a great chain of dreamers and builders like us, who work to make the dream come true.

Einsoph's Blockchain 4.0 design proposes a myriad more real solutions for humanity and world problems than all the existing Blockchain 3.0 projects; we believe it will change the world and minds. It solves all the major problems of the “proof of work” blockchains, and other Blockchain 3.0 systems.

Sometimes, thinking completely out of the box is what makes big changes happen. We would love to open the door more, but that is all we can say about it for now. . . until we find our partners and it is released.