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This is a project of a visionary for a visionary investor

Einsoph is one of the world's largest glacier-water-rights holders, that has tied that water as a datum and store-of-value to a revolutionary blockchain design that we have completed that creates counter-referencing values between any two values on the planet, and we do this and other scientific thinking from our spectacularly beautiful island with waterfalls surrounding us. We have already reached major milestones, so that now relatively little is needed to finish to sell bulk glacier water from tankers loaded in our fjord port. Those sales will fund the blockchain programmers and scientific lab spaces. These sales will allow us to reach a higher valuation and obtain sales revenue for the final phase, which will fund a scientific research facility. We plan on developing the 10 projects on this website. The total potential revenue streams are in the billions of dollars, and these unusually high, monopolistic revenues can be realized for a small initial investment.