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A Showcase for the Infinite™

Einsoph®  which means the infinite in ancient tradition, combines the name of Einstein (representing revolutionary science and the power that is knowledge) with the Greek root for wisdom (soph) in the use of that science, because power without wisdom is deadly. 

Einsoph’s vision: 

Deploy a transaction system that aims to restructure the wealth of the world and reshape the incumbent system of the world. We have completed the design of an eco-system that has decoupled itself from all fiat systems and even from the blockchain itself!  Although we record completed transactions on the blockchain. Einsoph is a new ecosystem layer that is totally above and beyond the blockchain and that easily integrates transactional values for anything between any values not just cryptos or tokens or coins.

We have three revolutionary designs at various stages of completion, and are looking for those who think they can change the world:

1. Einsoph® has completed the design of a revolutionary software platform eco-system that has the potential to fundamentally change the world. 
The design solved the privacy “holy grail” as Vitalik Buterin calls it with a completely decentralized autonomous private system that still allows governments to screen out “terrorists” but allows people total privacy. We have the answer that Zukerberg could not answer to Congress in a full day of Congressional hearings how he would screen out criminals.  Our system not only screens them out, but simultaneously maintains complete 100% privacy—it is not just pseudo-anonymous as Bitcoin.

Einsoph solved the consensus algorithm problem that thousands of computer scientists from the U.S., China, Russia, Israel, and around the world have been trying to solve.

This design completely solved 23 problems of all existing blockchain systems.  For starters, we fired the Bitcoin miners, and do not use any of the existing consensus algorithms. 

All cryptos, tokens, and coins are fundamentally fiat, so we decoupled our system from all fiat systems and even from the blockchain itself, although we record completed transactions on the blockchain.


Few people realize, that we may be witnessing the last dying convulsions of the entire Keynesian economic order and all fiat currencies associated with the system of the world.  Einsoph solved the fiat tie that all cryptocurrencies have, verified by observing that every single token and crypto crashed in parallel to the stock market during the 2008 crash, thus proving that they are all fundamentally fiat.  We solved that and thus provide what was best described by Patrick Byrnes as “a warm standby for civilization itself.”

We also solved the stability problem of booms and busts that have become an inherent characteristic of all fiat systems, that are speculative systems. 

There is no other system in the world even close to Einsoph in what it accomplishes by fundamentally re-envisioning a non-fiat decentralized system, that solves the conundrum by not having to choose between privacy and freedom.   

2. Einsoph has the preliminary design idea of a decentralized laptop computer that will be completely secure from all prying eyes, impossible for any government backdoors, and will be the only computer in the entire world that is secure to create innovation on.  All of Apple’s computers that hackers walk through on a daily basis will be worthless detritus. 

Einsoph is a corporation of a visionary for a visionary investor.