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A Showcase for the Infinite™

Einsoph™ which means the infinite, combines the name of Einstein representing revolutionary science with the Greek root for wisdom (soph) in its use. Einsoph is one of the world's largest glacier-water-rights holders, that has tied that water as a datum and store-of-value to a revolutionary blockchain design that we have completed that creates counter-referencing values between any two values on the planet, and we do this and other scientific thinking from our spectacularly beautiful island with waterfalls surrounding us. We have already reached major milestones that will insure highly unusual returns:


  • The completed design of a revolutionary blockchain platform that combines open-source software elements and proprietary elements into a global system connected to blockchains-on-a-card that grandma can use. Einsoph™ has completed the design that Facebook's Zuckerberg would love to have, but does not have (according to his Libra corporate white papers). Read more about our blockchain system here.
  • Concessions on an island the size of a nation state.
  • Practically unlimited glacial meltwater and mineral water rights of 266 liters per second on the border of two national parks directly above our ocean fjord port. There are only two other places in the world where there are deep fjords next to glaciers (Norway and Alaska). But we have the purest, accessible, water on the planet, easy to pump directly into tankers.
  • The exclusive right to park large ships in the fjord in our Navy Concession, fill them with water, and ship anywhere in the world when the window for obtaining such glacier water rights in Chile has already closed.
  • Window closed on glacier water rights in Chile. The entire world is closing the window on future water rights including Chile due to NGOs like AWS (Alliance for Water stewardship, and there is not enough time for any new entrants to obtain such water rights). It is now impossible to start what was a 6-10 year process in Chile to obtain water, because the window has already closed.
  • A Navy Concession for a pier and marina which are extremely rare according to the Navy Captain who approves them. He told us that in our area they take 10 to 20 years to obtain, and ours was "the fastest approval" he has ever seen. It took us 9 years of all-out effort! There are only three Navy Concessions in the capital city of Brazil, Florianopolis, and they are making billions of dollars off of each of them. The Navy Concession allows us to receive large ships that can be filled up while they sit in our Navy Concession pier directly from our water source, like pulling a car up to a gas station—pulling a tanker up to our private water source bordering national park and saying “filler-up.” In addition, we have an environmental impact statement and zoning change that would allow us to build a bottling plant onsite and export water all over the world from our pier, while shipping in equipment tax free!
  • A tax-free pier in a tax-free zone! Our pier is in the center of a small, remote, tax-free zone, which is very rare in the entire world. Although there are three of these zones in very remote areas of Chile, our market is the entire world and in this market tax-free zones are one-of-kind.
  • The monetization of water into a tradable unit without moving the water from where it resides converting billions of units of water, specifically 957,600 liters per hour, 22,982,400 liters per day, 8.4 billion liters per year (2.2 billion gallons) into $6.5 billion dollars per year of monetized water as a store of value.
  • A 4,000 foot runway capable of a corporate jet (e.g. Cessna Citation) that we had (through one-year of all out lobbying of the gov leaders) the Chilean government pave for us. See picture of the Airstrip here.
  • Abundant Free Energy that we can create not only from our existing hydro-electric permit of 490 liters per second that can power the entire project and the dump load can be sold to a cable that will soon run up the fjord.