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What is a tax-free-zone worth?

Our island and our pier is in the center of a new Chilean Tax-Free Zone! We can import anything from anywhere in the world tax free!

To get started receiving imports from all over the world to our tax-free zone to build and outfit our scientific labs and to construct our water bottling plant, we built a concrete ferry ramp that can receive large ships and the two largest ferry lines in Chile that can deliver directly to us, and can pull up and fill up tankers with the purest water on the planet.

The Chilean Navy told the founder that he was the only “extranjero” foreigner to receive one of these extremely rare Navy Concessions. A Navy Concession is so rare and so valuable, there are only three of them in the capital of Brazil, Florinopolis, and they are making billions of dollars off of them according to a top law firm.

A Navy Concession off the shore of the island is extremely rare in the entire state-sized region with barriers to entry of approximately 15-20 years. With our concession we are leasing 8.25 acres of the ocean where we have built a concrete pier and are building a marina as seen here:

We have completed the first part of the above marina plan, the ferry ramp, that allows us to receive large ferries and water-tanker carring ships directly in the fjord. Here is a picture of that completed ferry ramp:

To obtain a Navy Concession took us nine years with lawyers, experts, and a full time secretary who devoted herself almost exclusively to that alone.

Nobody else near the island has filed for a Navy Concession, thus we have a 10 to 20 year barrier to entry to any competitors and will maintain our Maui-sized island as private for many years to come, as well as allow pricing anomalies that will allow us to reap unusually high returns.

This Navy Concession gives us the exclusive right in the entire region to park a ship in our fjord directly in front of the purest water on the planet, and fill the ship sitting in the fjord with the pure glacier water.