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We are building this business organically in three phases. Fifteen years of work and much capital has already been invested to reach major milestones. The founder has performed the most important role of the entrepreneur and that is maintain the corporation free of any encumbrances and with him as the sole shareholder.

Here are the three phases:

1) In the first round of investment, we will be raising a small but sufficient amount of capital to arrive to a level where we can use the estimated revenues from the sale of water to fund, 2) the scientific lab spaces to reach a higher valuation and obtain sales revenue for the final phase which will fund, 3) the construction of the scientific resort and residences for scientists who will live onsite.

Water revenues will be used to fund cutting-edge scientific research. Water is just a means to a better end. The sales revenues in phase one, are estimated to be in the billions of dollars, so for a relatively tiny investment, an investor can realize an enormous ROI.