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Water—The Most Irreplaceable Resource on the Planet

as a Store of Value

The movie, The Big Short, told the true story of Michael Burry, portrayed by Christian Bale, who earned billions of dollars by betting against Wall Street on sub-prime housing, yet in the final shot of the film was one line that read:

"Michael Burry is focusing all of his trading on one commodity: Water."

Peter Thiel, in The World Has Changed (2018) at the World Economic Club of New York predicted, "The question about bitcoin is whether it can become a store of value. The thing it will replace is gold. We are not talking about a payment system--it is too cumbersome to use as a payment system. An analogy is like bars of gold in a vault that never move and it is a hedge." Bitcoin also has nowhere near the price stability that is needed. Water tied to a digital system solves both store of value and price stability.

We began with two tokens, Blue Gold Coin™ and Blue Gold Credits™, but those were only a beginning point. We have completed the design of a revolutionary new blockchain system that solves 23 problems we listed of existing blockchain systems, and then we used glacier water as a datum and store of value to provide counter-referencing between any two values in that system. When Sam Altman, the President of Y-Combinator, the most successful business incubator came to speak to employees at Google where the founder of Einsoph was working at the time, Altman said, "The only proven use of Blockchain startups thus far are those with a store-of-value of some commodity such as gold." It is very difficult to hold billions of dollars worth of gold per year, but we are holding billions of dollars worth of glacier water per year that can be loaded into tankers on the fjord. As Thiel pointed out above, the water doesn't necessarily need to move like bars of gold in a vault.

Water has the chief advantage over gold in that the storage costs of flowing water are zero, while the storage costs of gold are very high. Large amounts of water to back a digital system are available, specifically in our case, 266 liters per second, or 1,851,749,744 gallons per year with a retail value of $57 billion dollars per year, whereas such large amounts of gold are not available. Gold is also being manipulated. A digital system backed with water is qualitatively better than purely digital, and better than digital backed by gold.

We have completed the construction of a ferry-ramp-pier to receive the first pipeline of 133 liters per second.

The planned pipeline will go directly to our deep-water-fjord port in Chile's only tax-free zone. We will rapidly fill tanker-containers on ferries then ship them from the deep fjord to an international port to load onto container ships.

We are looking for partners to join us!

Here is the source of our water, in one of the most remote locations on the planet free of people and pollution: