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  • A Showcase for the Infinite™
  • Einsoph Blockchain
  • A Showcase for the Infinite™
  • Einsoph Blockchain

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Our Glacier Water Value Per Second

Blue Gold Credits

For illustration purposes only. Shows the retail value that has dumped into the ocean since we obtained our water rights. It is impossible to sell this quantity.

The Chilean standard retail gallon price of USD $2.15 per gallon was used.

Our Location

The founder searched the entire world for two years and over 30 countries to find a site like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water where our architect, Antoine Predock, suggests that we build not on top of the waterfall like Salish Lodge, or alongside it, but “massively cantilevered” out from a flat platform above the waterfall so our Showcase For The Infinite™ will look like it is floating out in the air over and above the waterfall like Wright’s masterpiece!

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Tel: 1-415-488-3602

P.O. Box 1045
Jackson Hole, WY 83001 USA

Badajoz 130, of. 1203
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile